A Fairy Excellent Adventure

With Out of the Ashes in the beta-reader stage, I have returned to working on the next Twinkle Dingle story (tentatively titled “A Fairy Excellent Adventure”). It’s a prequel to Don’t Piss Off the Fairies, and tells the story of how the whole mess with Nellie’s family came about. Today, I will share a small… Continue reading A Fairy Excellent Adventure

Twinkle Dingle Day

First, to get this out of the way – my last edit of Out of the Ashes is done, and it’s now in the hands of my trusty beta readers and proofreader. I don’t have a release date yet, but it will probably be this fall. Yay! Now onto fairies – Twinkle Dingle Day is… Continue reading Twinkle Dingle Day

Fractured Fairy Tales

I LOVED Fractured Fairy Tales (from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) when I was a kid – I am sure that explains something about the Twinkle Dingle series. 😉 I didn’t make this playlist but it sure brings back some hilarious memories. 😉 Hope you enjoy it! Fractured Fairy Tales playlist on YouTube.  … Continue reading Fractured Fairy Tales