*Everything Else *

Minor spoilers are included in the descriptions below, as they are necessary in order to explain certain plot elements.

  • Journey: The Ramblings of a Fairy Godparent (YA twisted fairy tales). Journey is a series of sequential, stand-alone humorous fairy-tale retellings. Journey touches on various social justice issues, and contains positive representations of disabled, queer, and racially-diverse characters (the book is not *about* those things–the characters just *are*), including the main character who is canonically agender. This book is also Own Voices, as some of the stories contain elements from my personal lived experience. CW: fairy-tale level parental abuse situations (nothing dramatic or graphic, just the typical “evil stepmother” kinds of things, and it’s very underplayed), no sex, mild language. Content is probably ok for 10 and up but the vocabulary is more suited to 13+ (or advanced readers) due to the wordplay, language complexity, and some archaic words.
  • Sunbird (working title)–TBA
  • Quockerwodger (short story). Quockerwodger is a story about a princess, an acrobat, an errand-boy, and a seamstress. It features queer representation (trans and asexual characters) and has a queer platonic relationship/found family as a plot point. CW: the trans character is first rejected by his love interest because he is trans, but the situation is later resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, and the character is never in danger. No violence (a few mild situations are hinted at, but they are not graphic), no sexual situations (some mildly implied, and there is some upper-body nudity, but nothing graphic), mild language. Content is probably fine for ages 12+, or a mature 10+. A preview is elsewhere in this blog, but the entire story (14500 words) is exclusively for my Patrons.
  • Happy Animal Land (free online short, written when I was seven)
  • He had an hour to get home. If he didn’t make it … (free online short)