* Twinkle Dingle *

Twinkle Dingle now has it’s own Wiki!

Each Twinkle Dingle book can be read as a stand-alone story. However, this chronological list is provided in case you’d prefer to read them in order.

Clicking a title will take you to a list of stores for purchase if it’s a book, or to the web page for an online story.

CW, minor spoilers.

Any story with Bud or Bud Mushroom in the title is suitable for all ages. They contain only mild comic peril. Bud does not wear clothing, so nudity is mentioned, but not described graphically (“bare bottom” is the most descriptive it gets).

The Twinkle Dingle novellas (A Fairy Excellent AdventureDon’t Piss Off The Fairies, Fairy CrossingS, and Fairy Best Friends) contain mild comic peril and comic violence (such as being hit with a flower, threats of being poked with a Thorn, etc.), some teasing and name-calling, veiled swearing, similar nudity as mentioned previously, scatological and very mild sexual references/humor, and a few stoned Garden Gnomes who grow magical Weeds. The stories themselves are suitable for all ages, but because they do contain the items mentioned, please use use discretion when giving them to children. That said, they are written for adults, and contain subtle humor and vocabulary that might be too advanced for under age 12 or so.

Twinkle Dingle ABC contains images of characters from every book previous to it in the list above, so if you haven’t read those all yet, there may be minor spoilers.

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