Chronology of the “Beneath the Birch Tree” Saga

My stories are heavily inspired by fairy/folk tales – I have put the source tale in parenthesis after the book title. Fairy tale names are linked to SurLaLuneSurLaLune Fairy Tales features 49 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, modern interpretations and over 1,500 illustrations.

In addition, some stories have elements of the Icelandic Sagas, which can be read in multiple languages at the Iceland Saga Database.


Through the Woods (gender-swapped “Little Red Riding Hood“)

(working title: Peace Pledge)

Out of the Ashes (“The Wonderful Birch“)

(working title: Within Their Skin) (the second half of “The Wonderful Birch” combined with “The Ugly Duckling“)

Beyond Her Dreams (“Sleeping Beauty“)

Following the Axe (“King Thrushbeard“)

(working title: The Gođi(elements of “Gísla saga” and “Brennu-Njáls saga“) 

(working title: Without A Voice) (“East of the Sun, West of the Moon” combined with “Snow White and Rose Red“)