Viking-Age Iceland

My stories are fantasy. As such, they don’t take place in an actual real-world setting; however, they are greatly inspired by the history of viking-age Iceland. Foreign words and character names in my stories are from the Old Norse or Icelandic languages (and occasionally Old Irish, when Stefán speaks of his mother’s homeland). Although fictionalized, I have tried to retain some of the known culture, family structure, political structure, law, and events of the time (the Alþingi Íslendinga has become Festival in my stories, for instance).

Little is known for certain about the daily life in this era. The Eddas and Icelandic Sagas are useful tools, but they were written hundreds of years after the events they portray, and cannot be taken as literal truth. Grave finds are helpful for understanding the kinds of materials used for clothing, what was used for dyeing, and what sorts of tools these people may have had, but not enough information has survived to show definitively how they were used or how common they may have been for the average person.

I have made an attempt to be accurate in my portrayal of what we understand of the basic lifestyle (my characters wear wool and linen, the livestock and wild animals were actually present in Iceland in those times, etc), but again, this is fantasy and can’t be considered factual.

If something catches your interest, I encourage you to do more research for yourself. I have provided links to resources I have found helpful.