The Viking-Age Blacksmith

In January of 2015, a Viking-age blacksmith’s grave was discovered in Norway, and archaeologists uncovered many tools and personal implements. The article has nice photos of some of the finds.

While hiking an old mountain trail in Haukeli (on the border of Telemark County, Norway),  Goran Olsen was surprised to discover a 1250 year old Viking sword among some rocks near the road when he sat down to rest. The sword was in excellent condition, especially considering its immense age.

Hammered Out Bits – The blog author is a blacksmith, specializing in Viking-era techniques. His blog has many interesting articles about smiths in the Viking-era, including some information from various Viking-eras sources (such as the Sagas), as well as his own experience recreating tools and techniques.

Forged Axes – Another nice site, with a blog and tutorials, and items for sale.

Viking Bronze – A craftsman in Sweden. He has lovely pictures of his work, as well as pictures of tools and casting molds, and links to research projects and videos related to the craft.

Regia Anglorum – Iron Working – Nicely written article about Viking and Anglo-Saxon era blacksmithing and related arts.

Völundr (also called Wayland the Smith) is a Viking-era literary character. His story is told in the Völundarkviða (one of the Poetic Eddas), as well as in other places. You can read a bit about him at the following links.