History and Culture

The Viking Answer Lady – a lot of good information about various aspects of Viking-era life including clothing, pets, religion, food.

Hurstwic Viking Age History – many links to their research articles about every aspect of Viking-age culture.

The Icelandic Saga Database is an online resource dedicated to the digital publication of the Sagas of the Icelanders — a large body of medieval literature which forms the foundation of the Icelandic literary tradition. This website contains all the extant Icelandic family sagas in an easily readable format using modernized Icelandic spelling, with Old Norse versions and translations into English and other languages made available where these exist in the public domain.

Ribe VikingeCenter – a historical group in Denmark. They’ve built up some permanent sites, made videos, and hold markets recreating the time period. Their site has some amazing photos.

Ribe VikingeCenter YouTube – series of videos about daily life in 9th-10th century Denmark, including some documentary-style videos of their other projects. Their RIPA video series is especially well-done, and tells an interesting story about life in 750AD-860AD.

[Debunked] Viking Warfare – Myths vs. Realities – YouTube video

cans video series about the Viking Age (cute animation!)

Short video series from Strategos History Network about Harald Hardrada, “The Last Viking”:
Ep1. The Young Viking
Ep2. Varangian Soldier
Ep3. King of Norway