Out of the Ashes has gone through many revisions to become the story it is now. Originally, I wanted to weave in one of the Icelandic Sagas; it never felt right, so those elements were removed (but many of them will appear in a prequel story!). It’s gone through point-of-view changes, structural changes, and characters… Continue reading Sisters

Out of the Ashes excerpt: The Box

Given the setting of Out of the Ashes, it doesn’t have the flashy magic frequently found in Cinderella re-tellings. Specifically, there are no fairy godmothers creating ballgowns out of thin air. In The Wonderful Birch, a closer parallel to my version of the story, the beautiful dresses are given to the main character by her dead mother, and are… Continue reading Out of the Ashes excerpt: The Box

Fractured Fairy Tales

I LOVED Fractured Fairy Tales (from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) when I was a kid – I am sure that explains something about the Twinkle Dingle series. 😉 I didn’t make this playlist but it sure brings back some hilarious memories. 😉 Hope you enjoy it! Fractured Fairy Tales playlist on YouTube.  … Continue reading Fractured Fairy Tales