About my Books and Content Warnings

I write light adult fantasy. That said, most of my fiction is safe for all ages, with a few exceptions, which I will add in the areas dedicated to each series.
My first series is the Tales of Twinkle Dingle. This is humorous fantasy, set in a quirky fairyland of my own creation. Currently I have two novellas and one novelette published in this series, as well as Bud’s ongoing blog at budmushroom.com. The novelette, Bud Mushroom and the Nefarious Trousers, is available free on Smashwords.
CW, possible minor spoilers. Bud Mushroom and the Nefarious Trousers is suitable for all ages. It contains some mild comic peril. Bud does not wear clothing, so nudity is mentioned, but not described graphically (“bare bottom” is the most descriptive it gets). The Twinkle Dingle novellas (Don’t Piss Off The Fairies and Fairy CrossingS) contain mild comic peril and comic violence (such as being hit with a flower, threats of being poked with a Thorn, etc.), veiled swearing, similar nudity as mentioned previously, and a few stoned Garden Gnomes who grow magical Weeds. Bud’s Blog is written much like the Bud Mushroom novelette, if you’d like to get a feel for it.
My second series is collectively titled the Beneath the Birch Tree Saga. It is a series of fairy tale re-tellings, inspired by the culture of Settlement-era (aka Viking-era) Iceland. The first in the series, Out of the Ashes, is a loose re-telling of The Wonderful Birch, which is an early variant of Cinderella. I am currently writing the second, From Bone and Skin, which combines the second half of The Wonderful Birch with The Ugly Duckling.
CW, possible spoilers. The Beneath the Birch Tree Saga contains more adult themes than the Tales of Twinkle Dingle. There is no swearing and no explicit sex. There is implied sex, and mentions of seeing people having sex, and some mentions of prostitution and concubines (thralls/slaves), but they are not graphic scenes. There are some scenes of unwanted sexual contact (mostly hugging and kissing). There is a recurring theme of toxic parenting, and an abusive (step)mother (the stepmother/witch character) — her primary form of abuse is psychological/emotional. It’s a warrior society so there is some violence implied/shown in the form of swordfighting and similar. As it’s also a farming society, there is mention of killing animals for food. There is one instance of animal abuse in Out of the Ashes, but it is not overly graphic and it is contextual.


If you have any questions about my books, especially specific questions about content, please feel free to contact me.