Going Digital …..

Fairy Best Friends is done and edited! Yay! However, due to multiple logistical issues, I am going to release it as a digital book only, not in paperback, and will probably be digital-only for my other works, going forward. Royalties on paperbacks are far less than digital books as well, so it’s not worth the time and effort to create paperbacks, right now (especially with my medical issues, which take a substantial amount of my time and energy to manage).

I am awaiting the cover, but my artist (the wonderful K. Matt) has a backlog of other work before she can get to it, so it may be awhile–I will let everyone know as soon as I have a release date. Fairy Best Friends will be free to my Patreon supporters, once it’s released, so if you’ve been considering supporting my Patreon, now would be a good time. 😉

And it’s November, so it’s NaNo time! I am working on four projects this month (three Twinkle Dingle projects, and one stand-alone story of yet-undetermined length). I am also trying my hand at writing Interactive Fiction this month, so that will be a fun challenge!

Related to Fairy Best Friends–the Featured Fairy today is Jellybean. Light spoilers for Fairy Best Friends ahead! 

Jellybean, by K. Matt


I warned you about spoilers …..

Ok, here we go. Jellybean is the Newly-Bloomed Seedling of Flutterglow and Cloverflower. Which means, fae is an Adorable Fairy Baby. Jellybean uses fae/faer pronouns and is a very unique shade of purple. And fae has added some Wands to the Twinkle Dingle etsy shop!

Until next time…

xx CC


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