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Not much is happening right now. I am in the editing stages of Fairy Best Friends but due to some health issues, it’s going slowly.

So in this down-time, I thought I’d share a bit about some of the characters in Twinkle Dingle. The info is taken from my series compendium, but there are some parts of the compendium that are only available to my Patreon supporters–if you like what has been shared here, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Today’s fairy is Queen Sparkleberry. Enjoy! 

xx CC

Two illustrated pictures of Queen Sparkleberry, a fairy. She has tanned skin, purple eyes, and brown braided hair. She is wearing a purple dress made from flower petals, and holds a large purple rose. She has a gold and purple tiara and transparent wings. She has a slight smile.
Queen Sparkleberry. Character copyright CC Naughton. Artwork by K. Matt.

Sparkleberry has long wavy brown hair (braided and pinned into an elaborate hairstyle), tanned skin, and purple eyes. She is comparatively large for a fairy, approximately the size of a hummingbird. She wears a flower crown, and an elaborate dress made from purple flowers, spider silk, and dewdrops.  Because she is Queen, she gets a Fresh Dress Daily. 

Sparkleberry is prone to stomping her feet and yelling when she is frustrated. She doesn’t need to do this much, because she is Queen and can Command Obedience from her subjects. Generally she is kind, and cares deeply about her family/friends (she is Fairy Good Friends with Flutterglow and Cloverflower) as well as her subjects and all of Twinkle Dingle. She tends to be more logical than other fairies, as she was raised as a human and has a different perspective on How Things Should Be. 

Her favorite human snack is jelly berry-shaped sweets covered in sugar. She dislikes Cheezy Doodles, as the orange dust clings to her fingers No Matter How Much She Licks.

She has many Jobs as part of her Royal Duties, which include Protecting Twinkle Dingle From All Harm, and sending humans on ridiculous quests.

Sparkleberry lives in her Thinking Place, which is a small cottage high up in a tree. 


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