July is over …

… and so is Camp NaNo

But I won! Woo hoo!

My Camp NaNo Certificate from July 2022

My goal was 10,000 words, and my official total was 14,022.

I worked on a few different projects:

  • Sunbird (working title) Compendium (AND I have the story outlined!);
  • Twinkle Dingle Compendium (previous known as Twinkle Dingle series bible);
  • Twinkle Dingle ABC (a coloring book!);
  • And the latest Twinkle Dingle novella, Fairy Best Friends (previously titled too many different things to list) which is now DONE. Yay!

I still need to do some editing on Fairy Best Friends, work with my awesome Twinkle Dingle artist (K. Matt), to get covers/illustrations created for the novella and coloring book, and do the formatting for publication–but the text for those two things is done, anyway!

I also spent a bit of time organizing the Twinkle Dingle section of my Pinterest–check it out!

See ya next time!

xx CC


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