It’s that time again …

It’s time for Camp NaNo! For Camp, I’ll be (hopefully) finishing the latest Twinkle Dingle story, editing it (that counts for Camp, too!), and then starting on another project (with the working title of “Sunbird”), if there is still any of July left. 

Speaking of other projects, I took a bit of a break after I finished writing Quockerwodger, and re-made a few Dollar Tree dolls to resemble two of my Twinkle Dingle fairies, Flutterglow (in the green dress) and Cloverflower (in the pink). I didn’t do a ton of work on them–just cut hair, repainted eyes, and made new clothing (and wings!)–but it was a fun little project. And here they are!

I’ve also been working on a “series bible” for my Twinkle Dingle series. It’s up to 120 pages in Google Docs. It’s really just for my own reference so I don’t forget small details (and also so I can keep track of which Garden Gnome is which, because I always forget), and for my cover/character artist to use for character references, but my Patreon supporters will also get a peek at it!

Happy camping!

xx CC


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