So I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this coming month (April 2022). My goal is just to write daily, not to get to a certain word/time count. My original project plan was that I didn’t have a plan. :) My next plan was to work on a Twinkle Dingle story that’s been in progress for an embarrassingly long time. Then I kept finding other things I wanted to work on; my current plan is that I have four projects I will rotate between, depending on my ability to function that day and if I have any other daily tasks that will keep me away from writing (Easter, a family birthday, and four medical appointments are already on the calendar for April …). Our apartment is small so I don’t have a stationary desk or an office, but I did set up a writing area with my Chromebook and Useful Bud Mushroom tea mug (the image of Bud is by the official Twinkle Dingle artist, the very talented K. Matt. She has her own series, art, and other works at I recently made a small stuffed tie-dye stegosaurus (named “Speck”)–Speck will be the signal to my spouse (by setting Speck on the tissue box on my desk, as in the desk photo) that I am writing and don’t want to be disturbed. #Writer #Author #Fantasy #AuthorsOfInstagram #WritersOfInstagram #ArtistsOfInstagram #IndieAuthor #IndieArtist #AmWriting #AmWritingFantasy #AmWritingHumor #TwinkleDingle #TalesOfTwinkleDingle #BeneathTheBirchTree #BudMushroom #NaNoWriMo #CampNaNoWriMo #WritersLife #Creativity #Stegosaurus #bird

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