Before the Journey

So …

I had this idea in the shower (that’s where my muse lives–most of my ideas happen in the shower, LOL). And since April is a Camp NaNoWriMo month, I am going to try writing this thing while I am feeling inspired.

It’s the prequel to Journey, my working title is Before the Journey. And as mentioned, I am doing Camp NaNo this month. My goal is 22K, but I already have 6K of that done, since I am editing and expanding the backstory I originally wrote for Journey.

My intention is to take the month and dump the ideas out of my head, and then I will determine if it’s worth working on further, or if I will go back to my solarpunk MG series (which I WILL write someday …). I will update everyone when I know, LOL.

xx CC

PS My spouse’s book, My Imaginary Raven, is now available! I edited and formatted it, and it’s really funny. 🙂

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