Magic, Mirth, and Fairy Tales

For the first time, I’m participating in the Daisy Yellow Art Index-Card-A-Day project, which is a daily art challenge (not a contest) during June and July. The only real rule is each daily piece has to be done on an actual physical index card, no larger than 4×6 inches. If you want to participate, check out Daisy Yellow Art for details.

As I’d previously committed to finishing writing Journey in June (so I can edit it during Camp NaNoWriMo in July), I am going to be making my ICAD cards thematically related to my story–hopefully that will keep me on track. 🙂 I don’t draw, so I will be making small collages, each representing some element of, or inspiration for, Journey’s story. I’ll post the cards on Instagram–I’ll try to get them up daily, but it might not happen, since writing is taking priority right now.

This is my first card:

A simulated book cover, in pastel shades. It has a large yellow swirl and multiple bubbles. The top says Journey: the Ramblings of a Fairy Godparent. The bottom says C.C. Naughton. The book cover picture is glued to an index card, which is decorated with ribbon and string, and the words magic, mirth, and fairy tales.

It’s a sneak peek at my book cover. The book will be a series of 13 sequential shorts (about 4000 words each) from the point-of-view of a quirky Fairy Godparent named Journey. The stories themselves are re-tellings of fairy tales, and I will explain a bit more about them on Instagram when I post their cards. Follow me there if you want to see them!

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