Planning June and July

The second session of Camp NaNo is in July, so June is a prep month. My current goal is to finish Journey by the end of June so I can edit in July for my Camp project.

Last year, I found the Index Card A Day project, but as it was already mid-July it was too late to join. I put the reminder on my habitica list, and it just came up, so it’s time to start planning.

Because of the overlap between NaNo and ICAD, each of my cards will have images, words, or thoughts about my work-in-progress, aka my Camp NaNo project. I am not sure if it’s inspiration or just foolhardiness on my part, LOL, I guess we’ll find out in a few months. 😉

I’ll post the card images on my Instagram starting in June. Follow me there to see them!

Mug photo by Fred Kearney on Unsplash

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