April Updates

I’m in the midst of a many-day pain flare, but I am still attempting to do Camp NaNo this month. I am working on a project that started waaay back during my first NaNo attempt in 2006, and it’s actually coming together better than I thought it might. I don’t want to give away any real spoilers, but it’s fantasy (although it’s not light and funny like Twinkle Dingle), it’s five short stories that are sequential (each featuring a different POV character), and although each one will stand alone, they’re all tied together and fully resolved in the last story. I am including some characters that are LGBTQIA+ and some that are disabled (with many aspects written from an #ownvoices perspective)–but as it’s a fantasy world, those terms aren’t used, and these identities are not used as plot points, they are just parts of the characters.

Speaking of Twinkle Dingle, my cover artist got thumbnails to me for both A Fairy Excellent Adventure and Bud Mushroom and the Missing Buttermilk. As soon as I can find a space in my brain to process them, I will make some decisions about what I want, and send my ideas back to her for the sketches. They are all awesome choices, and really convey the stories–it will be a hard decision, but there is also the possibility of additional art based on the ones that don’t make the cut for the covers. Yay!

My Patrons will get the first look at those covers, once they’re done! If you want to join in, sponsor me on Patreon! A dollar (or more) a month gets you access to my posts and other writing that I only post there. A pledge of five dollars (or more) a month will get you coupons for my e-books–and sometimes they’re free!

That’s everything for now! TTFN, CC.

Cherry Blossom Photo by Florin-Alin Beudean on Unsplash

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