Not much happening …

… hence the wall. 😉

My NaNoWriMo total was 12871–not a win. November rarely works out as a writing month for me, so no big surprise. This time around, it was due to too much stress from life, and I am still dealing with some after-effects from the severe allergic reaction I had back in October. The story itself is good, and is going in a different direction that I originally imagined, but sometimes characters have minds of their own. 😉 I’ll be posting some snippets on my Patreon, so please check that out!

Back to Twinkle Dingle–the first in the series, Don’t Piss Off The Fairies, is free on Smashwords through Dec 30, so go grab a copy if you don’t have one yet.

Wall Photo by Laura Skinner on Unsplash

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