Headed back to Twinkle Dingle …

Now that Out of the Ashes is done and published, I have decided to shift direction and focus more exclusively on the Tales of Twinkle Dingle. The balancing act between the two very different series is not fitting my current life circumstances, and I am feeling the need to delve more deeply into one project.

If you’ve read Out of the Ashes and want more, don’t worry– I am not abandoning that world, and I already have many (hundreds of) pages of stories written! But I will be working on it more slowly, and will probably release it in different formats than the novels I originally intended (possibilities include novellas, short story collections, or serialized on Patreon for my subscribers).

So with that in mind, I have updated my blog and other social media to reflect this new path, the one straight into the heart of Twinkle Dingle. For now, you can expect to see more of Bud Mushroom and the other fairies, including a prequel novella, multiple Bud Mushroom Adventures, new Zazzle merchandise (featuring illustrations by the very talented Kayla Matt), a newsletter, and some exclusive content that will be available only to my Patreon supporters.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

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