STRONG female characters? How about we just write better.

Really good read for writers. I found myself laughing when I read it, because my stories tend to be the reverse, if anything – the women are more prominently represented than the men.

Melanie Roussel

This is a post I’d been working on for about two weeks before the new Doctor was announced, which I wrote about last week. I bumped up this post today as I think it ties in well about our changing view of female characters.

Strong female characters, or the lack thereof, has been a hot topic over the last decade.But I think the need for ‘strong’ female charactershas been misinterpreted of late. Strong doesn’t mean action hero.

Houghton_AC85.Aℓ194L.1869_pt.2aa_-_Little_Women_vol_2_illustration_45 Alcott’s original illustration of Jo March A ‘strong’ female character has to be as multifaceted as her male counterparts. A male hero over the course of the movie can be many things; boyfriend or husband or father, and a diligent CIA agent, a good mate to one and all, and the gun-toting action hero who’s the saviour of the world.

Unfortunately, the female lead will often fall into one type. She’s the…

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